FOTO Mario Ricca_9627MARIO RICCA

è professore ordinario di Diritto Interculturale presso l’Università di Parma. Ha fondato ed è direttore la Rivista online: Calumet – Intercultural Law and Humanities Review. È presidente di IDEDI (Intercultura, Democrazia, Diritto). Tra le sue pubblicazioni: Oltre Babele. Codici per una democrazia interculturale (Bari, Dedalo: 2008); Culture interdette (Torino, Bollati Boringhieri: 2013); Klee’s Cognitive Legacy and Human Rights As Intercultural Transducers: Modern Art, Legal Translation, and Micro-Spaces of Coexistence in Calumet – Intercultural Law and Humanities Review (2016); Cultures in Orbit, or Justi-fying Differences in Cosmic Space: On Categorization, Territorialization and Rights Recognition, in International Journal for the Semiotics of Law (2018); Ironic Animals: Bestiaries, Moral Harmonies, and the ‘Ridiculous’ Source of Natural Rights, ibidem (2018); Perpetually Astride Eden’s Boundaries: The Limits to the ‘Limits of Law’ and the Semiotic Inconsistency of ‘Legal Enclosures’, ibidem (2020); Otherness, Elsewhere, and the ‘Ecology’ of Law’s Implications: The Semiotic Oceans Surrounding Legal Signification and Its Discriminatory Exteriority/Objectivity in International Journal of Legal Discourse (2020); The Multi-Sited/Synesthetic Taste of the Italian ‘Tricolore’: Time-Space Transmutations of the Italian Flag’s Colors Through the Ingredients of Pizza Margherita, in A, Wagner, S. Marusek (eds.), Flags, Color, and the Legal Narrative (New York, Springer: 2021); The ‘Spaghettification’ of Performativity Across Cultural Boundaries: The Trans-culturality/Trans-Spatiality of Digital Communication As an Event Horizon for Speech Acts, in International Journal for the Semiotics of Law (2022).



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